Soft Gelatin Capsules
The one piece soft gelatin Capsule is a unique dosage form ideally suited for encapsulation of materials that are difficult to formulate in either tablets form or two piece hard shell gelatin capsules. One piece soft gelatin capsules are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and provide a fill accuracy of the order of -2%. The content of the capsules are hermetically sealed and therefore are tamper proof and well protected.Made of inert protein gelatin, one of the readily biodegradable substances known to man, Soft Gelatin Capsules have dissolution and dispersion rates unmatched by the more traditional forms of tablets and Hard Shell Gelatin Capsules.
The soft gelatin capsules are manufactured under high precision and stringent quality controls by the company's advanced rotary die encapsulation machines. Right from prepariation of Gelatin Mass, Preparation of Fill Material, encapsulation, Drying of Capsules, Inspection to packaging and the Shipment of the finished products, every major process in the production of soft gelatin capsules is carefully controlled, standardized and highly sophisticated.

The Company has achieved a total of 7 Encapsulation Lines in over three separate departments such as :

Herbal and Health Food Suppliment Manufacturing
Hormone Product Manufacturing
Started primarily to specialize in the manufacturing of Soft Gelatin Capsules in various dosage forms, of late the plant has added other dosage forms like :-
Hard Shell Gelatin Capsules
The above dosage forms are added in facilities in a separate building equipped with Latest Machinery in the respective departments.

The Hard Gelatin Manufacturing area is equipped with two fully auto filling machines and one semi auto filling machine. This facility can manufacture a total of 600 million, size " 2 " Capsules per month. The facility has been divided further into two departments, one for General Capsule Filling and another for B Lactum Capsule Filling with a separate Blister packing facility.

The Tablet Manufacturing is carried out in a fully equipped department with a high speed tablet punching machine capable of producing a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Ointment Manufacturing Department is capable of filling a total of 5 million containers or tubes per month.

The Liquid filling Department has a capacity to manufacture a total of 1 million bottles per month.

A huge Central Packing area comprises five high speed blister packing machines, two capsule bottle filling machines and one strip packing machine for multiple packing.

The pre-inspected capsules are packed in blisters or bottles as per the customers requirements and then case packed and labeled. A final inspection includes Chemical, Physical and Microbiological analysis before shipment.

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